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Day 13 – Kerlingarfjöll

We wake up to zero visibility over Hofsjokull the direction we are heading in this morning.  As the journey progresses so does the visibility and the top of Hofsjokull become visible PHEW!!! On route to Kerlingarfjöll the bridge has been washed away (not a problem for our vehicles but we met a motorcyclist who was have serious problems.  The road up to Kerlingarfjöll is seriously churned up and muddy with many cars staying parked lower down the road and choosing to walk – not a problem for us thankfully.  Wonderful morning then lunch by Hvitavatn before progressing on to Hveragerdi.





Day 10 – New lava field


Starting the day by visiting the ice cave at kverkfjoll and the hot river.  Travelling through to Drekki near  Askja (Askja is not open yet), but we went to the Holuhraun new lava field, this is from the eruption that lasted from August 2014 – end of February 2015.  After a stunning visit to the new lava field we travelled back to Myvatn on route we came across a vehicle in the middle of the river.  Recovery was the order of the day, all the gear came out 😀

Day 7 – Glacier Day

Can you spot the Landrover?


Today has been all about heading east, many many glaciers from Fjallsarlon glacial lagoon to a boat trip on the amphibious vehicles at Jokulsarlon, as well as being attacked by the Arctic terns protecting their babies. Then on to snowmobiling after to travelling to the top of the world, a very interesting road.  A guest house to night over looking Hoffellsjokull, and evening meal in Hofn, and a warm comfortable night hopefully.







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Day 6 – Glacier Walking Day


The day started by the sun shining into the campsite in the canyon, visibility has cleared so we can now see the tops of the rocks and the glacier. We head out refuelling in vik before heading towards Skaftafell. On route to skaftafell we visit Hjorleifshofdi a lava out crop, we then head into the Laki region unfortunately Laki is still not open (there has been an unusual amount of snow this year), but we could get as far as fagrifoss a stunning waterfall, fagrifoss means beauty, in a lovely canyon. After lunch we then head towards skaftafell as there is a glacier tour booked this ends the day on a high note, yet exhausting.

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