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Tour 3 Day 14 & Tour 4 Day 8

It rained heavily over night but stopped in time for the 2 families from Tour 3 to take down their tents for the last time as they are dropping their vehicles at the docks today.  Pingvellir visit first then the bakery before Tour 4 have an afternoon in Reykjavik whilst we sort the vehicles back to the docks and the airport.  The weather stayed clear whilst we visited Pingvellir but has started raining again as we make our way to the bakery.

TOUR 3 DAY 13 + TOUR 4 DAY 7

After a stunning sunset coming down from the top of kerlingarfjoll, we have a warm night and wake to a cloudy but dry day, the forecast had been for rain so was surprised.  We spent the day making our way through to the golden circle (lots of people) and our destination for the evening Geysir.  The rain finally caught up with us in the evening so another lovely day.



TOUR 3 DAY 12 + TOUR 4 DAY 6

We traversed through the interior to Hveravellir with Hofsjokull as our companion for the day, then on to our destination for the evening Kerlingarfjoll. We are travelling up to the top this evening when it is quieter. The weather has been a little windy and cloudy but visibility has been very good, when we got to Hveravellir the sun was shining and it warmed up, but it is now cooler as the sun is behind a cloud, hopefully there will be a good sunset.




Tour 3 Day 7&8 + Tour 4 1&2

Drive through the interior to kverkfjoll, we stopped at the Karahnjukur Dam and major construction with a 200 m high wall across the Dimmuugljufur canyon. There we changed so that we were ready for the dip in the hot waterfall. We then continued through the interior to kverkfjoll crossing glacial rivers and lava fields. As we were travelling we saw plenty of rainbows and travelled through a few showers of rain. But we still managed to get e tents up in the dry.

Hearing the rain in the night we were worried that we would wake up to rain but this was not the case. The sun was shining and it was very cold, but the visibility was good. We went down to the ice caves int he morning, then we travelled in to Askja, it was a lovely walk across the caldera, before we travelled down to the new lava field at Holuhraun which only finished erupting in Feb 2015 and was a still steaming. We travelled an exciting off road track which took a long time, but to enable us to leave our tents up for 2 nights and be out of the highlands it was worth it. We woke this morning to the sun coming into the tent and it being far too hot.









Tour 2 Day 14 & Tour 3 Day 6

Making our way around to Eglisstadir, travelling along the Eastern Fjords. Stopping in Djupivogur to look at the stunning little harbor, the Egg display and visit the craft shop with the whale bones outside. Along the route we do some interesting driving and visit some wonderful waterfalls. Arriving in Eglisstadir at a reasonable time and everyone knowing they get a sleep-in in the morning leads to a relaxed atmosphere, unfortunately there is a consequence to the late start it means a longer than normal day tomorrow.









Tour 2 Day 13 – Tour 3 Day 5

This was a glacier day, starting with svinafelljokull, then on to jokulsarlon which has become so busy and the buses had booked up all of the boat trips, so the tour could not get on a boat trip as we had arrived at 11:45 next boat trip would be 4:30pm terrible.  Lots of ice in the lagoon and on the beach.  We took a tour up above the glacier into the clouds and an evening trip to the hoffell hot tubs.








Tour 2 Day 12 – Tour 3 Day 4

The day started with a visit to the wool shop.

Trip into Laki and Lakagigar. On route we stop off to put a stone on a cairn for good luck, which later we discovered did not work as we expected. We stopped for lunch at fagrifoss waterfall then on to Laki in the afternoon where the rain came down, oh my goodness did it rain.





Tour 2 Day 11 & Tour 3 Day 3

Last night there was a stunning sunset at seljalandsfoss.Sightseeing day, a trip into Porsmork visiting gigjokull where the melt water from the Eyjafjallajökull 2010 eruption went.  The over the Krossa for coffee. We visited Eyjafjallajökull centre then on to the solheimjokull before skogafoss, we are off to see puffins now.



Gigjokull below has changed so much over the years.


Puffins lots of them PHEW!!