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Day 12 – Tour 5 – MONDAY

The morning started with rain only light but the tents were wet when packed away, worried about our trip into Laki as it could be really low cloud and we could see nothing.  We stopped at Fagrifoss stunning waterfall, still raining but very lightly.  It was busy but we managed to get only our group in the photograph.


We pressed on to Laki and thankfully the rain stopped for our walk up and started as we got back to the bottom.


On the route back the rain came heavier and it was a wet put up of tents but at least there is a Grill place to go for dinner – i think this now makes us into double figures (10) for putting the tents up / down in the rain in all of the years we have been doing this and all of the weeks each summer.

More of the route back:




Day 10 – Tour 5 – SATURDAY

Just to make it perfectly clear we only used tracks and roads that are on the map.

Heading from the interior to Seljalandsfoss.  Waking to a lovely sunny day.


Driving across the flood plain for Katla who is under Mýrdalsjökull glacier.




Test of driving skills





An eventful day, last night the Range Rover Classic managed to loose a brake pad and all of it’s brake fluid, so today has been sourcing replacements.

One of our group has now left after a trip to Pingvellir  – their vehicle was then taken to the docks and them to the hotel 🙁

After our trip to Pingvellir we then headed to Mosfellsbaer amazing bakery then into Reykjavik for the afternoon.

A second night at Geysir which I must say is lovely.



Late allow people to look around Akureyri the sun is shining although cloudy and warm.

Headed into the interior the prospect is rain and the actual outcome is ☔,  we arrive at Hveravellir to rain and 5 degrees lovely.  Tents up in the ☔ but there is a cafe to get warm.  Dinner is underway under the foxwing all is good.

Been around the geothermal area bitterly cold as there is a strong wind.  However it is still brilliant.