Tour 2 Day 11 & Tour 3 Day 3

Last night there was a stunning sunset at seljalandsfoss.Sightseeing day, a trip into Porsmork visiting gigjokull where the melt water from the Eyjafjallajökull 2010 eruption went.  The over the Krossa for coffee. We visited Eyjafjallajökull centre then on to the solheimjokull before skogafoss, we are off to see puffins now.



Gigjokull below has changed so much over the years.


Puffins lots of them PHEW!!



Tour 2 & Tour 3

Collected 2 families from the airport and took them to collect their vehicles from the docks. One of the vehicles had been broken into whilst at immingham which has never happened before, several items taken. After a while we get on the road, meeting up with tour 2 who are quite happy to carry on themselves for the day, and we would meet up with them at the campsite in the evening. After a troubled started we see some stunning scenery and have a large number of water-crossings to take peoples mind off what has happened.




Tour 2 – Day 8

After some minor repairs to one of the Toyotas in selfoss (would have been better with a land rover lol) we are going to Pingvellir, then on to Hveragerdi for shopping before heading to the lava tube and Krysuvik.

Tour 2 – Day 7

After a very misty start it is now sunny and warm, we are heading through the interior towards gullfoss, we are then visiting hagavatn before our campsite at geysir.  Photographs to follow later tonight.

We arrived in Geysir to lovely weather, just like 2 weeks previous, we saw some white water rafting along the route also.





Tour 2 – day 5 & 6

Met up with the group at Laugarfell, they had a good whaling trip seeing whales and dolphins. After a soak in the geothermal pool we can go through the map for the next couple of days. On our route up to Laugarfell we took a look at the Christmas shop. Waiting for the group to arrive we had a very sunny soak in the geothermal pool and the lovely sit in the sun. We took a drive a long a route we had not been along before which as a short circular route a little interesting but not something we could add into a tour.

Today we travelled rough the interior to Kerlingarfjoll, the weather has been changeable. Andrew is very very tipsy after being plied with alcohol very funny lol

Tour 2 – Day 3

These are the pictures of the clouds approaching last night.


Today we continued along the F910 in the rain, initially it was very low cloud and we could see nothing but as the cloud lifted it was just very wet.


lunch stop



Our clients are now going it alone now for a few days, they have been given details of where to go and what to see and we see them again on Monday evening.

Tour 2 is slightly different from our usual tour – they prefer to go alone as a group with regular meet ups, for advice and guidance on the next stage.

Tour 2 – Day 2


The morning started very misty low cloud and light rain as we visited the ice caves, but then, the sky cleared and the sun appeared, very warm which was good as we had a cool walk across to Askja.  After Askja we started on the F910, where the rain decided to pay a visit and not really leave.  Heavy rain over night could make the F910 interesting to complete tomorrow.






Tour 2 – Day 1

After what started as a cloudy day it turned out to be really sunny and very warm, the journey from Eglisstadir to Kverkfjoll was not without some drama, firstly a bus was stuck then a biker fell over in the sand.