Iceland + Day 10 & 11

A little sight-seeing

iceland’s first geothermal swimming pool, waterfalls and glaciers – back into the interior and through tomorrow heading west.

A little bit of weather behind us – but sunny where we are




gigjokull has changed dramatically


first geothermal swimming pool


Iceland + Day 3 & 4

Iceland + Day 3

After a night at some crater lakes we head out towards the Vatnajokull glacier where Will decided to test how cold the glacier melt water was. There was some very interesting sand driving, good progress could be made on the sand but it was very slow over the lava fields. The lunch stop was within a line of craters then a fleeting glimpse of MANI incredible rock protruding from the lava dust, golden in colour. Finally we had to suffer the torture of the F26 north to the Nydalur campsite. The F26 rough track is dreadful although it has obviously been graded it is badly in need of re-grading.


Iceland + Day 4

F910 southern route lots more lava, sand flats and water. We took in the Holuhraun new lava the eruption started in September 2014 and ended February 2015 there is an extensive lava field with a highlighted walking route.






Iceland + Day 2

Traversing the interior along some interesting tracks which is what the Iceland + is all about, wonderful scenery and very very warm.  One of the tracks this afternoon was in the region of 60 miles but we had to travel off tarmac for a day to get to it.





Iceland + day 1

All vehicles collected we are heading off to the supermarket for 4 days of food + fuelling up. Finally underway, some interesting water crossings, lovely hot weather tee-shirts.  Camped up for the evening next to a lovely river.  6:30pm and still in tee-shirts. Northern lights may put in a visit tonight fingers crossed we have little light pollution. Where we are. Photographs of today to follow later.