Day 3 – tour 1 – friday

Continue through the interior to kerlingarfjoll, drive up to the top then walk down into the hot spring area.

Driving on from there to Hveravellir where we will spend the night.  Very cool area between 2 glaciers hofsjokull and langjokull, but it has a lovely warm pool.

A lot of fun today from playing in the snow to boiling eggs in the geothermal pools.






Although there is some sunshine it is very brief more rain showers than dry and sunny. Temperature in Hveravellir is about 7 degrees.

Day 2 – tour 1 – thursday

Yesterday we managed to get the tents up before the ☔, but it turned out lovely in the evening.

Today is going to start with white water rafting the gullfoss for late lunch.


Gullfoss  waterfall


Start of track

Cool camp across from langjokull, at least there is a breeze so no flies.

Day 1 – tour 1 – Wednesday

The tour will start with most of the group flying into Keflavik airport at 8am, then we have a courier to take us to the docks to collect all of the vehicles.  Andrew will transport the 3 that arrived today to the docks so that we can get on the road to the supermarket.


We will do a supermarket shop stocking up for 3.5 days.

We then head to complete the golden circle, pingvellir, set up camp at geysir but look around there later when everyone has gone, then on to gullfoss for the afternoon. White water rafting has been changed to Thursday morning, so that everyone can recover from the early flights plus sort out the camping and storage setup, ready for a longer day on Thursday and Friday.

13 degrees, cloudy little rain and some sunshine

Lava tube replaced gullfoss today so will do gullfoss tomorrow.

Lazy day before tour 1 starts tomorrow

10 degrees no breeze at all so a few annoying flies at geysir this morning – lovely breakfast all packed up ready for another lazy day before the madness starts tomorrow.

Quick stop at the craters as there is rain heading towards us.


Heading to Reykjavik to check all vehicles have cleared customs before more exciting attractions.

After lunch trip along south west coast to keflavik.



Arrived in iceland


Quick stop at the bakery before a lovely waterfall stop.



Salmon steps at the side.

Camp set up off out shortly


Few days on our own before the first group arrive Wednesday just checking a few places.

A little cooler up here.



 found the track we want on Thursday is open so we followed the route, it is a lovely route with a range of terrain as well as.some interesting watercrossings.



Sometimes it is not easy to see the route